The SOLEIL project


M. Fuentes, B. Pinçon and A. Munnier.


SOLEIL is free, distributed under licence GPL v3.


The purpose of the project was to design a set of Matlab functions to study fish locomotion. We were mainly interested in the following issues:

The main requirements were:


In this section are displayed some videos of simulations realized with SOLEIL. Each one requires no more than 25 minutes of computation on a MacBookPro 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7.

In SOLEIL, the fluid is assumed to be perfect and the flow potential. The hydrodynamics forces are computed by means of integrale equations set on the surface of the fish (no 3D meshing required).

An other example with a less flexible fish. The displayed walls are fictious and are used to measure the fish displacement. In SOLEIL, there can be only one fish in the fluid and no walls or immersed obtacles.

The shape of the fish and its way of swimming are defined by Matlab functions which can be easily modified. Here is an example of swimmming eel.

Yet another example, showing again the variety of possible shapes. Notice however that the shape changes are all of them based on a "beam model" (see Model for further explanations).

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